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Un-Tucked By Chris Annable (Blue) - Card Artist 52

Un-Tucked By Chris Annable (Blue)

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The Un-Tucked Box is a standard Bicycle tuck box that has been modified to enable multiple effects. Spectators will see an unsuspicous standard card box, but what they won’t know is that it has been modified to include multiple invisible secrets.


The UnTucked Box now comes prae-assembled and has a new updated design that will allow you to perform even more astounding visual effects!


With this versatile utility device, you can do the following:


Card stealing

Card loading

Card hiding

A Slow visual card color change

Transpo routines

A “melt into box” effect

Multiple vanishes with cards, coins and other small objects!

This product comes with a new deck of Bicycle playing cards and includes:

A BONUS “ParaBox” utility device for additional card vanishes and predictions!

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