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Rising Cards By Vincenzo Di Fatta - Card Artist 52

Rising Cards By Vincenzo Di Fatta

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This is one of the best and most practical rising card effects available - and it's simple to perform.


The effect is very well known: a card is selected by a spectator, and replaced in the deck. Then, mysteriously, the card slowly rises from the pack!


Here are the fine points that make this system unique:

The deck used is a normal deck and could also be borrowed.

The spectator can freely examine the cards before and after the effect.

You can even make the selected card slowly and eerily come out of a deck that is spread on the table.

Supplied together with 1 gimmick and two spares, it is also a regular deck of poker-size Bicycle playing cards.

The gimmicks supplied are very resistant to breaking, and can be carried around comfortably all day -- ready to use at a moment's notice.

Together with clear written instructions for the basic effect, a link to video instructions is also included. The video explains the standard effect and shows how the card rises from the deck when it is spread out on the table.


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