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Presale - Titan (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Nicholas Lawrence - Card Artist 52

Titan (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Nicholas Lawrence

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"A great tool and something very different in the world of flap cards." -Paul Romhany, *Reviews Vanish MagazineFrom the mind of Nicholas Lawrence comes an ingenious and innovative utility device: TITAN.


TITAN is a truly revolutionary contribution to the world of instant, visual "flap" style gimmicks, but it is nothing like what you have seen before!


This gimmick changes the game.


Most importantly, it is streamlined in a way that makes the magic look casual and effortless. With a simple riffle of the cards, the magic happens! TITAN uses no dental dam, elastic or thread of any kind and is built to withstand thousands of changes without breaking, making it virtually indestructible.


TITAN can be stored set and will fire when you need it to... every time.


Your package comes with one fully handmade gimmick that's ready to go out of the box. PLUS, Nicholas teaches you how to make your own TITAN gimmick with any type of playing cards, allowing you to make your own customized gimmicks. On top of that, he teaches several applications, including:

Torn and restored card

Jumping ink

Instant transformations


Appearances and vanishes

TITAN is one of the best utility card effects that you will perform!

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