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Presale - Cherry Casino House Deck Playing Cards (Flamingo Pink) Est 8/3 - Card Artist 52

Cherry Casino House Deck Playing Cards (Flamingo Pink)

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Bringing back the glitz and glamor of iconic Las Vegas in a very elegant way

...unveiling the extremely limited, exclusive Cherry Casino House Deck Playing Cards (Flamingo Pink).


Only 500 printed. Will not be reprint.

Individually numbered.

Custom tuck.


The tuck has a metallic pink twinkle; in tribute to the beautiful dancers in sequins and feathers at the historic Flamingo hotel and casino. Each deck is sealed with an individually numbered seal.

A delightful cherry peeks out of each tuck flap and is highlighted in each corner.


The joy of owning something so special and unique will bring a smile to your face.


Inside, the Cherry Casino Flamingo Quartz (Pink) Playing Cards are everything you have come to expect from the line.

You will appreciate the familiar pearlescent pink metallic backs with the iconic swoosh and cherry design.

Thin crushed Bee stock from U.S. Playing Card Company to ensure that smooth yet snappy feel.


Designed by Sam Devins.


Be one of the FEW that can truly complete their Cherry Playing Card collection with the extremely limited Cherry Casino House Deck Playing Cards (Flamingo Pink

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