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Presale - Bicycle Imperial Playing Cards Est 8/3 - Card Artist 52

Bicycle Imperial Playing Cards

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Introducing Imperial Playing Cards.

A tribute to Imperial Bicycles...and aptly Bicycle branded.


What the bicycle did to transportation, the Bicycle brand did to magic.


Nothing has been more impactful on the transportation industry as the bicycle. The masses were mobile. They could come and go as needed without horses or carriages. The riches of the world were waiting to be uncovered.


Much like the Bicycle brand transformed magic. Providing quality and a standard of excellence to magicians, designers, collectors and cardists. Freeing the mind and their fingers to create whatever they could envision.


Imperial Playing Cards have custom artwork throughout the entire deck. Everything.Intricate tuck. Custom two way back design. Elaborate vintage drawings on the court cards, Aces, Jokers...EVERY card. Even the pips and indices uniquely define the Imperial deck.


Conquer the world.

Bicycle Branded

Made in the USA by the US Playing Card Company

Completely custom deck. Everything (pips, backs, court cards, tuck...)

Two way back design

Custom seal

Includes double back and blank face gaff cards

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